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Why Choose Silverstream Solar?
Why choose Solar PV?
  • We are a local trusted company.
  • Using a local company helps our economy and provides employment in your area.
  • We are close at hand and love helping our customers.
  • You get to speak to the people who are installing your system, not just a faceless voice on the other end of a phone.
  • You can speak to and even visit our previous clients.
  • Our feedback is superb and we intend to keep it that way.
  • You get the best price as we don't employ expensive salesmen and our overheads are lower.
  • We have been installing solar PV systems since 2011 and really know what we are doing.
Because it is a sound investment. You can realistically expect to see returns way above that offered by the bank. What's more is the payback is guaranteed for 20 years and index linked. In our experience the main reason most people have a system installed is because they cannot find any better way of investing money. The added advantage of reducing your impact on the environment is a real bonus.
Solar panels are not as expensive as you may think. Here are a couple of examples.
16 Panel System from just £5,000

On a South facing roof in Hampshire this 4kW system should produce over 4,000 KW/h of free electricity each year. The price includes scaffolding, all materials and labour.
6 Panels System from £3,200

This 1.5kW system is ideal for a smaller roof, or an outbuilding.

The price includes everything you need to start making your own electricity and save on those ever increasing electricity bills.