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About the Feed In Tariff (FiT)
How the FiT scheme works
The FiT scheme guarantees a regular payment for all electricity generated by your renewable energy system. A meter is connected to the system that measures exactly how much energy is generated. You get paid a fixed amount for each unit even if you use it yourself.
It makes sense to use as much of the fee electricity as possible as this will save on electricity purchased from your electricity supplier.
In the case of PV solar this payment is guaranteed for 20 years by the government and is in most cases tax free.
Export Payments
In addition to the FiT you also get paid an additional export tariff. For installations under 30kW (most domestic systems are 4kW or less) this is estimated at 50% of you overall generation. Systems over 30kW will have an export meter fitted.
How is the electricity measured?
Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kW/h). A unit of electricity is one kWh. A typical 4kW system on a south facing roof in southern England can be expected to produce around 3,500 to over 4,000 kW/h per year.
To put this into perspective, an electric appliance rated at 1000 Watts (1 kW) would consume one kWh if left on for an hour. A 2kW solar PV system operating at full capacity would run two of these appliances at no cost, and you are still paid for the electricity produced.
What is the return?
The current FiT rate for installations up to 10kW is 4.18 pence per unit (kW/h) with the export rate currently set at 4.91 pence. These rates are index linked and apply to installations completed before the end of December 2016.