Domestic Solar PV Installations
Commercial and Farm Solar PV Installations
Multi Roof Installations
The Installation Process
Once you have read and accepted our quotation we will get to work straight away. If a structural report or EPC assessment is needed we get these arranged first.
Once the reports are returned we will contact you to arrange a convenient installation date.
Before the installation day our scaffolders will call around to put up the scaffold as required for a safe installation.
Our installers will arrive and start work on the installation. We promise to respect your home and keep the inconvenience to minimum. All we ask is for work areas to be cleared as far as possible and a nice cup of tea will go down as well.
Once the installation is complete our Solar PV specialist will test the system and get you powered up.
All that is left is to get the paperwork arranged for your
Feed-in Tariff and you are all set to start making money.